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  Farm Fresh XL
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    Tilt-Up Hardware & Accessories

No one knows more about tilt-up than the pros at Dayton. Dayton offers the industry's most complete product lineup, all backed by knowledgeable engineering support teams around the country. Architects are responding to the lower construction costs of tilt-up with increasingly-demanding designs.

Prod.# DescriptionDimensionDayton Prod.#
MB 430007Coil Loop Insert, Straight1/2" x 4"B-16
MB 430023Coil Loop Insert, Straight1/2" x 6"B-16
MB 430065Coil Loop Insert, Straight3/4" x 4"B-16
MB 430081Coil Loop Insert, Straight3/4" x 6"B-16
MB 430162Coil Loop Insert, Straight1" x 6"B-16
MB 430201Coil Loop Insert, Flared3/4" x 6"B-18
MB 431899Loop Ferrule Insert1/2" x 4"F-64
MB 431970Loop Ferrule Insert3/4" x 4"F-64
MB 291233Coil Bolt3/4" x 3-1/2"B-14
MB 470410Coil Bolt3/4" x 4"B-14
MB 470614Coil Bolt3/4" x 6"B-14
MB 470423Coil Bolt1" x 4"B-14
MB 470627Coil Bolt1" x 6"B-14
MB 470643Coil Bolt1-1/2" x 6"B-14
MB 207006Coil Coupler3/4"B-12
MB 207010Coil Coupler1"B-12
DS 46122Coil Rod1/2" x 12' 
DS 46228Coil Rod3/4" x 12'  
DS 46328Coil Rod1" x 12'  
DS 45961Coil Nut Hex1/2"B-13
DS 45965Coil Nut Hex3/4"B-13
DS 45968Coil Nut Hex1"B-13
MB 430603Coil Eye Bolt3/4" x 3"F-49
MB 430605Coil Eye Bolt1" x 3-1/2"F-49
MB 201678Ferrule Threaded Plastic Plug1/2"F-74
MB 201680Ferrule Threaded Plastic Plug3/4"F-74
MB 291796Coil Threaded Plastic Plug1/2"  
DST 14 B2Tilt-Up Pipe Brace13' to 20'-6"B-2
DST 14 B2RNTTilt-Up Pipe Brace, Rental/Month13' to 20'-6"B-2
DST 14 B5Tilt-Up Pipe Brace22'-6"' to 39'B-5
DST 14 B5RNTTilt-Up Pipe Brace, Rental/ Month22'-6" to 39'B-5
DST 14 B6Tilt-Up Pipe Brace10' to 14'B-6
DST 14 B6RNTTilt-Up Pipe Brace, Rental/ Month10' to 14'B-6
DS 49206Coil Anchor Bolt With Tang3/4" x 4-1/2"T-13
DS 125717Tang Only  T-13

    Snapties & Accessories

All snapties are sold in box quantities only. There are 100 snapties per box.

Prod.# DescriptionSize
Heavy Duty Loop-End Snapties -
For Use With Symons Forms
  Loop Tie6" Wall
SY 54108Loop Tie8" Wall
  Loop Tie10" Wall
SY 54112Loop Tie12" Wall
SY 54114Loop Tie14" Wall
  Loop Tie16" Wall
SY 54118Loop Tie18" Wall
Prod.# DescriptionSize
Heavy Duty Loop-End Snapties -
For Use With Symons Forms
SY 54120Loop Tie20" Wall
SY 54122Loop Tie22" Wall
  Loop Tie24" Wall
  Loop Tie26" Wall
SY 54128Loop Tie28" Wall
SY 54130Loop Tie30" Wall
SY 54136Loop Tie36" Wall

Prod.# DescriptionSize
Cone 4-3/4" Ends
MB 311265Cone 4-3/4" Ends6"
MB 311663Cone 4-3/4" Ends8"
MB 312060Cone 4-3/4" Ends10"
MB 312468Cone 4-3/4" Ends12"
MB 312866Cone 4-3/4" Ends14"
MB 313263Cone 4-3/4" Ends16"
MB 313661Cone 4-3/4" Ends18"
MB 314063Cone 4-3/4" Ends20"
MB 314466Cone 4-3/4" Ends22"
MB 314864Cone 4-3/4" Ends24"

Prod.# DescriptionSize
Cone 8-3/8" Ends
MB 321268Cone 8-3/8" Ends6"
MB 321666Cone 8-3/8" Ends8"
MB 322063Cone 8-3/8" Ends10"
MB 322461Cone 8-3/8" Ends12"
MB 322869Cone 8-3/8" Ends14"
MB 323266Cone 8-3/8" Ends16"
MB 323664Cone 8-3/8" Ends18"
MB 324061Cone 8-3/8" Ends20"
  Cone 8-3/8" Ends22"
MB 324867Cone 8-3/8" Ends24"
MB 326069Cone 8-3/8" Ends30"
MB 327262Cone 8-3/8" Ends36"

Prod.# DescriptionSize
Specialty Ties
AWRW 3506Fixed Flat Washer6 x 1-11/16"
AWRW 3508Fixed Flat Washer8 x 1-11/16"
AWRW 3406Fixed Flat Washer6 x 1-1/4"
AWRW 3408Fixed Flat Washer8 x 1-1/4"
5599Sure Plug A-581-1/2"
Prod.# DescriptionSize
Specialty Ties
AWRC 3506Cone6 x 1-11/16"
AWRC 3508Cone8 x 1-11/16"
AWRC 3406Cone6 x 1-1/4"
AWRC 3408Cone8 x 1-1/4"
AWRC 3410Cone10 x 1-1/4"
AWRC 3412Cone12 x 1-1/4"
AWRC 3416Cone16 x 1-1/4"

Release Agents

    Farm Fresh XL TM

Farm Fresh XL™ is an economical V.O.C. compliant, concrete form release agent. Farm Fresh XL works to ensure clean, positive release on plywood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, urethane and other concretre forming materials and form liners. This product acts as a barrier to the adhesion of concrete while minimizing surface dusting. Properly applied, Farm Fresh XL will not stain concrete or interfere with the adhesion of coatings.

Farm Fresh XL™ works to ensure clean, positive release on plywood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, urethane and other concrete forming materials and form liners.

  • Economical
  • V.O.C. compliant
  • Clean, positive release
  • Minimizes surface dusting
  • Reduced surface defects
  • Non-staining
  • Water clean up; Biodegradable
  • Tested against and certified to NSF/ANSI 61
  • May contribute to LEED credits
  • Excellent sprayability.

    Product Information

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
UN FARMFRESH 5Farm Fresh XL™ Form Release5 galsee Product Info

    Form Release Q-2®

FORM RELEASE Q-2® is a chemical release for concrete forms that effectively prevents bonding of concrete to steel, aluminum, plywood and composite forms. Composed of organic chemicals that react with the concrete to prevent adhesion and provide a quick and easy release.

Pleasantly scented and free of kerosene, Q-2® FORM RELEASE is a thin amber liquid that remains fluid at subfreezing temperatures and can be stored indefinitely.

  • Chemically releases hardened concrete from forms, form liners and equipment.
  • Coverage:
  • Steel/ Aluminum/ High Density Plywood:
  • Medium Density Plywood:
  • BB Grade Plywood:
  • Rough-sawn Lumber, Striated Plywood:
  • Subsequent Uses:

  • 2,000 - 3,000 sq.ft. / gal
    1,000 - 1,500 sq.ft. / gal
    1,000 sq.ft. / gal
    700 sq.ft. / gal
    1,000 sq.ft. / gal
  • Compliant with Federal US EPA VOC regulations for Concrete Form Release agents.
  • Not compliant in areas governed by OTC, LADCO, MRPO, SCAQMD, CARB, Maricopa County, AZ or Canada.

  • Prod.# DescriptionPackaging
    UN 143375 GALForm Release Q-2®1 gal 
    UN 143375 LGALForm Release Q-2®5 gal  
    UN 143376Form Release Q-2®55 gal  

        Bubble Gum Release

    Bubble Gum Release is for use as a parting agent to keep texturing mats from sticking to still-plastic concrete. It also prolongs the life of texturing mats by decreasing friction between the texturing mat and the concrete. Bubble Gum Release allows the contractor to correct mistakes as they stamp the surface. It leaves no residue.

    Prod.# DescriptionPackaging
    IM 5590 0005Bubble Gum Release5 gal 


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