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Staining Systems

    Blush-Tone Acid Stain

Concrete staining can be an art form. Depending on how it is applied, thousands of different looks can be achieved ranging from the understated elegance of burnished leather to the ageless beauty of natural stone. BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain™ lets you create colors with real depth and dimension that are unique and captivating.

BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain is a chemical stain designed to add multi-colored intensities to existing or overlay surfaces. BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain is engineered to produce oxide colors on a cured concrete surface through a chemical reaction with the free lime at the surface. BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain produces a variegated and natural look that is easy to maintain and is UV-resistant. It is a penetrating color that will not chip, crack or peel. Available in 10 standard colors, a variety of effects are possible with different application techniques.

This stain is durable enough for commercial applications like restaurants, showrooms and retail spaces. BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain also reduces surface-glare on walkways, driveways, patios and entrances. BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain is packaged in 1-gallon containers, with a coverage rate of 200-300 square feet per gallon.

Use BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain with BRICKFORM Decorative Sandblast Stencils to create distinctive borders and themes. Interesting shades and colors can be achieved by using BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain over concrete surfaces colored and antiqued with BRICKFORM Color Hardener and BRICKFORM Antique Release or by staining over BRICKFORM Integral Color to create eye-catching combinations that cannot be duplicated with other coloring materials. In addition, after 28 days, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.
  • For cured concrete - new or old
  • Permanent and penetrating
  • Won't chip, crack or peel, wears only with concrete
  • Variegated patina effect - rich natural beauty
  • Easy to use and inexpensive
  • Reduces surface glare
  • Interior or exterior.

  • Prod.# DescriptionPackaging
    BF 100Jade MSDS (Jade)1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 200TurquoiseMSDS (Turquoise)1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 300Coffee MSDS (Coffee)1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 400Caramel MSDS (Caramel)1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 500Mahogany MSDS (Mahogany)1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 600Ebony MSDS (Ebony)1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 700Mission Brown MSDS (Mission Brown) 1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs
    BF 800Amber MSDS (Amber) 1 gal bucket/ 10 lbs



    Pro-Dye penetrates the surface of newly cured or existing concrete, creating a layer of translucent color that dries quickly and will not chip, crack, or peel. The colors produced in each section of concrete will be unique with captivating, multi-colored intensities that become a permanent part of the concrete. Colors can be combined to create an unlimited number of color variations. When applied properly, Pro-Dye creates intense color that has a look similar to the mottling effect of acid stain. Pro-Dye is packaged in powdered form to be mixed in proportion to acetone.

    Pro-Dye is durable enough for commercial applications like restaurants, showrooms and retail spaces. It can be used to create vivid, new color for interior floors or concrete countertops. Pro-Dye can also be used to correct areas where acid stains have little or no reaction on the concrete surface. Pro-Dye is excellent in vertical applications, stencils, and logos because it dries so quickly. In addition; after 28 days, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

    Product Information Features:
  • Large selection of vivid colors
  • Easy-to-spray apply
  • Interior use
  • Dries quickly
  • Colors in Stock: Olive, Amber, Mission Brown, Patriot Blue, Eggplant, Chestnut.

  • Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
      Pro-Dye8 oz 1 gal covers approx. 400 - 600 sq ft
      Mottling & Penetrating Agent1 qt  


    Coloring Systems

        Antique Release Agent

    Antique Release™ is a powder colored bond-breaker designed to prevent texturing tools from sticking while adding color, shading and highlights. It is designed to aid in texturing applications and stand up to the effects of sunlight. Antique Release is applied to the surface of the plastic concrete and to the texturing tool. A portion of the release becomes imbedded into the concrete, usually where there is relief in the texturing tool, leaving behind an antiqued appearance. The release agent is streak-free and will add color and highlighting to the finished application.

    Antique Release is broadcast onto the concrete surface prior to the placement of mat-type texturing tools or rollers. Our UV-resistant pigments come in 40 standard colors to match or contrast with BRICKFORM Color Hardener; custom colors are available upon request. BRICKFORM Antique Release is packaged in a convenient 35-pound moisture resistant pail, with an application rate of 3.5-pounds or more per 100 square feet.

    Antique Release can be used in matching or contrasting colors to create a variety of effects. A combination of colors can add interesting shadings and highlights to the finished concrete surface. In addition, after 28 days, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

    • Easily applied powdered-color bond breaker
    • 40 Standard colors
    • Interior/ exterior use
    • Prevents tools from sticking and marring
    • Unlimited color combinations
    • Variegated multi-colored appearance.

    Prod.# Description ColorPackaging
    BFRA 200 Antique Release Agent Medium Gray 31 lbs pail
    BFRA 300 Antique Release Agent Nutmeg 31 lbs pail
    BFRA 700 Antique Release Agent Terra Cotta 31 lbs pail
    BFRA 810 Antique Release Agent Walnut 31 lbs pail
    BFRA 825 Antique Release Agent Slate Green 31 lbs pail


    Bubble Gum Release

    Bubble Gum Release is for use as a parting agent to keep texturing mats from sticking to still-plastic concrete. It also prolongs the life of texturing mats by decreasing friction between the texturing mat and the concrete. Bubble Gum Release allows the contractor to correct mistakes as they stamp the surface. It leaves no residue.

    Prod.# DescriptionPackaging
    IM 5590 0005Bubble Gum Release5 gal 


        Color Hardener

    Color Hardener™ is a surface applied, dry-shake color and surface hardener designed to work with texturing tools to produce clear, sharp impressions. BRICKFORM Color Hardener is made from the finest pigments and premium aggregates available for decorative concrete applications. This product is engineered specifically to densify and color cast-in-place concrete surfaces. Color Hardener forms a surface that is resistant to weathering, wear and normal abrasion.

    Color Hardener is used in the construction of new concrete flatwork and floors. Our UV-resistant pigments come in 40 standard colors, with custom colors available upon request. BRICKFORM Color Hardener is packaged in a convenient 60-pound moisture-resistant pail, with an application rate of 100 square feet per pail.

    It can be troweled and broomed, or textured using BRICKFORM Texture Mats and BRICKFORM Liquid Release. Create the look of expensive materials such as handset tile, brick or quarried stone by using a powdered release like BRICKFORM Antique Release. After the concrete has been allowed to cure for 28 days, the color-hardened surface can also be stained using BRICKFORM Blush-Tone Acid Stain, or BRICKFORM Freestyle Stain. In addition, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

      • Streak-Free, Non-Fading
      • Denser, More Durable Surface
      • Improves Abrasion Resistance
      • Can Be Antiqued & Stained
    Prod.# Description Color Packaging
    BFCH 310Color HardenerCream Beige63 lbs pail
    BFCH 350Color HardenerDesert Tan63 lbs pail
    BFCH 375Color HardenerBuff63 lbs pail
    BFCH 500Color HardenerTile Red63 lbs pail
    BFCH 600Color HardenerLight Gray63 lbs pail
    BFCH 615Color HardenerStone Gray63 lbs pail
    BFCH 700Color HardenerTerra Cotta63 lbs pail
    BFCH 825Color HardenerSlate Green63 lbs pail
    BFCH 1015Color HardenerBlush Beige63 lbs pail
    BFCH 1080Color HardenerAdobe Buff63 lbs pail


    Texturing Systems

        Texturing Systems

    Create remarkable textured concrete surfaces by using BRICKFORM texture mats and accessories. Designed to create the look and feel of natural materials, BRICKFORM offers the widest selection of textures to turn concrete into a masterpiece.

    BRICKFORM manufactures the largest selection of texturing tools worldwide. Over 175-patterns, from Rough-Cut Ashlar to Random Stone, and Used Brick to Wood Plank textures, available in various sizes, joints, grout lines and configurations. All BRICKFORM textures have been designed with strict attention to detail.

    The resilient materials used to create each texture are designed to retain pattern “memory". Consistent, well-defined, uniform texture is transferred, in every detail, onto the concrete surface. BRICKFORM is dedicated to the precise and unsurpassed consistency of each and every texturing tool. Strict standards are exercised so that every tool is square and tight-fitting, reducing pattern lines and unsightly ridges.

    Each tool is crafted from a high-quality polyurethane material that is flexible, yet retains high-tear strength. Sturdy handles are methodically placed to gain maximum tool-weight distribution, increasing balance and maneuverability. More information on the wide BRICKFORM selection:

  • Creative Images Texture Mats
  • Contractors Choice Texture Mats
  • Paladiano Texture Mats
  • Stone Texture Mats
  • Slate Texture Mats
  • TileTexture Mats
  • Wood Texture Mats
  • Step-Liners
  • Texturing Accessories
  • More Products
  • Technical Tips
  • Herringbone Cobblestone

    Prod.# Description Color SizePacka-ging
    BFFM 540 BTexture MatLondon Gobble blue17" x 30" Each
    BFFM 2754Texture MatGranite Set24" x 24" Each
    BFFM 3400 BTexture MatWalkway Slate 18" x 18" Each
    BFFM 9000FStone Feather Edge Skin  24" x 24" Each
    BFFM 3150BAshlar Cut SlateBlue28" x 28" Each
    BFFM 3150FAshlar Cut SlateFloppy28" x 28" Each
    BFFM 3150RAshlar Cut SlateRed28" x 28" Each
    BFFM 3150YAshlar Cut SlateYellow28" x 28" Each
    BFFM K4M2NStandard Flex SquareSierra Large  Each
    BFFM K3M2NStandard Flex SquareSierra Medium  Each
    BFFM K1S2NStandard Flex SquareSierra Small  Each
    BFFM E4M2NStandard Flex SquareSanded Slate Large  Each
    BFFM E3M2NStandard Flex SquareSanded Slate Medium  Each
    BFFM E1S2NStandard Flex SquareSanded Slate Small  Each
    BFFP 200Tamper Pounder Setting ToolPolyurethan coated 10" x 10" Each

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