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 Ultraplan M 20 Plus
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    Primer Product Line

POLYQuik Primers can be used on a variety of surfaces to add longevity and durability to coating systems. Each of our primers has been specifically engineered to provide optimal performance in a variety of environmental conditions. We offer one and two-component primers for concrete, steel, aluminum, wood and other surfaces with cure times ranging from minutes to hours.


Underlayments & Resurfacers

    Planibond® EBA

Planibond® EBA is a two component, multipurpose epoxy bonding agent and primer. It is non-shrinking, 100 % solids and insensitive to the effects of moisture.

Planibond® EBA meets ASTM C-881 requirements.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
MP 4015 8000Planibond® EBA2.64 gal kit
(1.32 gal ea. Part A/Part B)
100 sq ft - rough surface
50-75 sq ft - smooth surface

    Ultraplan® M20 Plus

Ultraplan® M20 Plus is a HCTTM (High-hydrating Cement Technology) based, quick setting, self-leveling, self-drying material that is especially formulated for the resurfacing and construction of horizontal surfaces as an industrial or commercial wear topping, or underlayment for floor coverings.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
MP 1925 000Ultraplan® M20 Plus50 lbs bag48 sq ft - 1/8" thickness
24 sq ft - 1/4" thickness
12 sq ft - 1/2" thickness

    Ultraprime L™

Ultraprime LTM is a concentrated , solvent-free acrylic primer used for the installation of underlayments and topping materials. It is green for easy identification.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
MP 3605 3000Ultraprime LTM1 gal200 - 800 sq ft

    Ultraprime WE

Ultraprime WE is a polymer-modified, solvent-free, water based epoxy primer for enhanced adhesion to non-porous substrates prior to the application of underlayments or topping materials. It is two component and purple in color when mixed for easy identification.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
MP 4545 7000Ultraprime WE2 gal kit200 - 400 sq ft

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