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    FGS® Concrete Conditioner

FGS® CONCRETE CONDITIONER is a proprietary concrete cleaner and conditioner designed for on-going maintenance of hardened polished concrete surfaces. This product is highly concentrated and contains state-of-the-art wetting and emulsifying agents. FGS® CONCRETE CONDITIONER is specifically manufactured to be used for maintenance of FGS PERMASHINE® Floors.

FGS® CONCRETE CONDITIONER is a mild, concentrated cleaner that contains a measured amount of chemical densifier to aid in maintaining the gloss of your FGS PermaShine floor. In addition to economically cleaning your floor, regular use of FGS® CONCRETE CONDITIONER will help to restore slight, microscopic wear, called micro-pitting, that accompanies normal floor usage. Many cleaners leave a slight residue that over time may compromise the non-slip nature of the floor. For safety assurances, FGS® CONCRETE CONDITIONER has been formulated to rinse clean and not effect the slip profile of your floor.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maintains non-slip properties and appearance of FGS PermaShine floors with regular use.
  • Designed for hardened polished floors.
  • Portion controlled.
  • Concentrated for economy
  • Improves the durability of floor over time.
  • USDA authorized.
  • Environmentally safe
  • National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) certified “High Traction”.

    Product Information
Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
LM 1617FGS® Concrete Conditioner1 gal Normal dilution is 1 to 1-1/2 ounces per gallon of water.

    FGS® Hardener PlusTM

Click to EnlargeFGS® HARDENER PLUSTM is a proprietary, chemical hardening solution that is formulated to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed, and polished.

Polished concrete floors treated with FGS® HARDENER PLUSTMlast longer than conventional concrete floors, cost less to maintain, reflect light better, hold a shine longer, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for a minimum of ten years. FGS® HARDENER PLUSTM is a water-based, VOC-compliant, odorless and environmentally safe component of this process.

The FGS Permashine® System: FGS PermaShine® renews existing concrete floors that are dusting, worn, pitted and otherwise suffering from years of use and abuse, restoring them to an attractive, light reflective, and durable polished finish.

Click to EnlargeNew floors also benefit from the FGS PermaShine® process when installed after the concrete has cured sufficiently to resist the aggressive steps of grinding and polishing. The FGS PermaShine® process is installed only by factory trained and approved contractors, using approved equipment and only the best chemical treatments, in order to insure the highest possible quality and longest lasting finish.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
LM 1534FGS® Hardener PlusTM5 gal Two coats required.
First coat, 250 ft /gallon;
2nd coat, 350 ft /gallon.


L&M SealHardTM is a concrete sealer, densifier and chemical hardener. SealHardTMis a proprietary, colorless solution that penetrates concrete surfaces to seal densify, harden, dustproof and waterproof. It is VOC-compliant, environmentally safe, odorless and easy to apply. SealHardTM-treated floors are especially effective in protecting concrete floors subjected to heavy vehicle and foot traffic.

Through a chemical-ion exchange process, SealHardTM develops internal bonds which densify the concrete substrate into a hardened, chemically-cured, homogeneous, concrete mass that resists abrasion, and reduces oil and water penetration. This chemical-ion exchange process begins after treatment and continues through the initial six months following application. SealHardTM creates an interpore molecular filter that protects concrete from carbonation and, at the same time, allows surfaces to breathe, permitting moisture vapor to ransmit naturally into the air. SealHardTM will not yellow, discolor, chip, peel or show unsightly wear patterns with use.

SealHardTM is not a curing compound. Fresh, green concrete contains excess moisture that will inhibit the penetration of SealHardTM into the concrete surface and its ultimate effectiveness. Therefore, under normal conditions, L&M recommends using SealHardTM on concrete that is three or more days old.

This product is licensed applicator applied only. Please call AS&G for a list of applicators.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
LM 1182SealhardTM5 gal  
LM 1179SealhardTM55 gal  

Typical Physical Properties
Absorbed Chloride Ion Concentration FilmNone
    Walker Method, 1/2" Depth
    [Percent Effectiveness]
90 Freeze-Thaw-Scaling
(ASTM-C 672)
    Walker Method, 1" Depth
    [Percent Effectiveness]
96 Water Vapor Transmission Rate
(ASTM-E 96)
Abrasion Resistance
    Grains/ Hour/ Foot2
    1000 cycles, depth average
    Ames Gauge
    [Percent Reduction]
    Permeance, Per
Application Temperature [oF] 40 - 100 Penetration Depth
High Density Concrete [mm]
Chemical Resistance/ Immersion Shelf Life
Sealed Containers [Years]
    Oils, Solvents, Brake Fluid
Excellent Skid ResistanceGood
    Salt [10%]
Excellent Specific Gravity1.16
    Animal Fats & Fluids
Excellent Surface DarkeningNone
    Organic Acids [10%]
Excellent Volatile Organic Compounds [gm/i]0
    Alkalies [10%]
Excellent Water Absorption
(ASTM-C 642)
[Average Percent Reduction]
    Fermenting Foods
Excellent YellowingNone

    Lythic Day 1TM

“It’s like having an extra finisher on the jobsite.”

Day1 from Lythic Solutions is a new type of troweling aid and curing agent. This game-changing product has major benefits during finishing, and it improves the quality of the resulting slab.

Easier Troweling, More Working Time

Spray on Day1 during finishing and you can hear the power trowel speed up. That’s because Day1 reduces drag, meaning less operator fatigue and lower wear on equipment. Even more valuable, Day1 extends finishing time without adding excessive water. As you spray on Day1 and work it into the surface, it reacts with lime in the concrete to slow surface drying. This gives you 15-45 minutes extra to finish the slab right, and makes it easier to close it properly.

When finishers try to buy extra time by adding water to the surface (sometimes called “blessing the slab”), it weakens the concrete and can cause dusting and other problems. Day1 makes extra water unnecessary. It strengthens the surface and eliminates dusting. By slowing surface drying, Day1 also helps prevent checking, crazing, and premature set. During field testing, several finishers reported that Day1: ”saved the slab” that was “getting away” from them. Contractors described Day1 as, “like having an extra finisher on the jobsite.”

Day1 can improve every finishing job. In adverse conditions including wind, high heat, and low humidity, Day1 can make the difference between a satisfied customer and a costly call-back.

Make Better Concrete

Day1 becomes a permanent part of the concrete, and cures the slab in much the same was as a liquid membrane-forming curing compound, even though Day1 does not form a membrane, film or residue, and there is nothing to remove afterwards. Day1 closes the pore structure, so water is retained inside the concrete for longer, allowing proper cement hydration.

  • Proven to meet the water-retention requirements of a liquid membrane-forming curing compound per ASTM C156 Standard Test Method for Water Loss (from a Mortar Specimen) Through Liquid Membrane-Forming Curing Compounds for Concrete)
  • Closes concrete pores so effectively that the surface becomes water repellant
  • Third-party tested to mitigate potential for ASR pop-outs
  • Eliminates dusting
  • Strengthens (hardens) surface
  • Helps strengthen bond between concrete’s surface layer and inner slab
  • Ties up excess calcium hydroxide, preventing salts from accessing lime and damaging concrete surface
  • Helps prevent surface freeze/thaw damage by resisting water absorption.
Day1 is shipped as a concentrate to reduce environmental impacts and shipping costs. It’s easily mixed with water in a 4:1 ratio. Working solution covers approx 200 sf/gal. Spray on and continue to finish the slab normally, but with less sweat.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
BFLY 1001Lythic Day1TM1 gal Finishing Aid:
250‐700 sf / gal
Performance Concrete:
250‐300 sf / gal
BFLY 1005Lythic Day1TM5 gal

    Lythic Densifier

The mission of a densifier is adding silica to the surface of concrete. Lythic Densifier with Reactive Colloidal Silica is 99.5% pure silica, suspended by charge repulsion in an ultra-low surface tension liquid by a proprietary, “green” manufacturing process. It increases the density of the concrete surface, making it less permeable to liquids. It increases the surface hardness, making it withstand abrasion and take a better polish. Lythic’s nano-sized silica particles react highly effectively with lime in concrete, and bond directly to silica already in the slab. Reactive Colloidal Silica even bonds to and hardens decorative cementitious overlays that are low-lime and do not react with silicate densifiers.

Lythic Densifier eliminates the problems of silicate densifiers.

  • Safer for Concrete: No “whiting,” even if over-applied.
  • More effective: Fills the pore structure more consistently, and can even “rescue” soft or damaged concrete.
  • Safer for Workers and Jobsite: It is 100X-1000X times less caustic than silicates
  • Speeds up project: No, scrubbing in, no overnight curing, no scrub off.
  • Safer for Environment: No caustic residue to scrub off and dispose of as a hazardous material. Shipped as concentrate to reduce transportation impacts.
  • Works Well on Overlays, too: Bonds directly to silica in the overlay cement, making it stronger and more polishable.
  • Cost effective: Cuts steps, reduces labor, high coverage rate, shipped as concentrate to save shipping costs.
Lythic Densifier is part of a system of advanced Reactive Colloidal Silica chemistry that establishes and maintains exposed concrete using on-going colloidal silica enhancement that becomes part of the floor structure.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
BFLY 2001Lythic Densifier1 gal High Porosity Concrete:
250 ‐ 400 sf/gal
Medium Density Concrete:
300 ‐ 500 sf/gal
Hard Concrete:
400 ‐ 600 sf/gal
High Density Concrete:
500 ‐ 700 sf/gal
BFLY 2005Lythic Densifier5 gal

    Lythic Protector

Lythic Protector advances the effectiveness of traditional stain protectors by adding silica to the concrete, further toughening it against abrasion.

Lythic Protector brings out color, giving a slight “wet look” that works excellently with exposed aggregate. It cures for foot traffic within 24 hours, and improves slip resistance. Lythic Protector also contains lithium for extra water repellency. It is shipped as a concentrate to save on shipping costs and environmental impacts.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
BFLY 4001Lythic Protector1 gal (Approximately)
RTU mixture
1,200 ‐ 1,800 sf/gal
BFLY 4005Lythic Protector5 gal

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