Soil Separation:
  TerraTex GS

Drainage Protection:
  TerraTex N04

Reinforcement/ Stabilization:
  TerraTex HD

Erosion Control:
  Silt Fence
  Straw Wattles

  String Reinforced

Multiple Use:
  TerraTex N06
  TerraTex N08

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We offer a diverse selection of Geotextiles and Geosynthetics for a wide variety of usages:

  • Drainage
  • Erosion Control
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Filtration
  • Stabilization & Separation
  • Stormwater Retention, Detention & Infiltration
  • Monofilament & High Strength Geotextiles
  • Silt Fence
  • Liner Cushions
  • Gabions
  • Articulating Concrete Block
  • Geogrid

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        Mirafi® 500X

    Mirafi® X-Series woven slit film polypropylene geotextiles provide separation for good subgrades by preventing mixing of subgrade soils and base aggregates. Mirafi® X-Series geotextiles are used for roadway/ railway construction, stabilization and reinforcement; parking lots; residential streets and roadways.


    Prod.# Description SizeWeight/ Roll Use
    MIPP 1012 5432 Mirafi® 500X 12.5' x 432'     600sy185 lbs Separation
    MIPP 1017 5309 Mirafi® 500X17.5' x 309'     600sy210 lbs Separation


    To meet the most challenging aspects of soil reinforcement, TenCate Miragrid® geogrids deliver high strength, high tenacity, and high molecular weight polyester geogrids. TenCate Miragrid® geogrids provide dimensional stability through its woven polymer-coated fabrics.

    Prod.# Description SizeWeight/ Roll Use
    ACFW 72160 0004 Miragrid® 3XT 6' x 50'44 lbs Reinforcement/ Stabilization
    MI 7216 0000 650FT Miragrid® 3XT 12' x 50' 
    MI 7216 00006 Miragrid® 3XT 12' x 150'119 lbs
    AC 7216 00012 Miragrid® 5XT 12' x 150'150 lbs
    ACFW 7216 00019 Miragrid® 10XT 12' x 200' 

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