Top Etch

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    Top Etch

An economical, easy-to-use method for producing beautiful exposed aggregate concrete flatwork with consistent results. It temporarily halts the set of portland cement at the surface while concrete below the surface cures normally. The surface concrete can then be washed or brushed away, exposing the aggregate.

Equipment can be cleaned with water.


  • Exposes aggregate on floor slabs, sidewalks, tilt-up and precast panels or any normal horizontal concrete
  • Produces roughened bonding surfaces for subsequent concrete toppings
  • Roughens horizontal surfaces for construction joints in power plants, dams and other civil engineering projects.
Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
UNTOPETCH R1 Top Etch1 gal 100 - 150 sq ft/ gal
UNTOPETCH R5 Top Etch5 gal

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