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    Acryl® 60

ACRYL® 60 is a special formulation of acrylic polymers and modifiers, designated for use as an additive for Portland cement-based mixes to improve adhesion and mechanical properties. Used as a bonding agent mixture for Thoroseal mixes, ACRYL® 60 adds extra bonding qualities when application is made over dense concrete or masonry.

ACRYL® 60 improves adhesion and curing, reduces cracking and lends greater resistance to common chemicals.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
BA 100 6490Acryl® 60 C1 quart25 - 37.5 sq.ft.
BA 100 6489Acryl® 60 C1 gallon100 - 150 sq.ft.
BA 100 6488Acryl® 60 C5 galllons500 - 750 sq.ft.



Everbond is a ready-to-use, non-revertible, acrylic admixture and bonding agent designed to permanently reinforce and bond Portland cement/sand mixes to horizontal and vertical concrete and other sound surfaces.

Everbond, when used as a bonding agent, becomes an integral part of the interface between the cementitious material and the surface to be bonded. Everbond creates a strong bond between materials to be bonded.

Prod.# DescriptionPackagingCoverage
LM 1005Everbond1 galRoughened Concrete:
200 - 300 ft2 per gallon
Plaster or Smooth Concrete:
300 - 400 ft2 per gallon
LM 1007Everbond5 gal


    Premium Adhesive

PREMIUM ADHESIVE is a high-strength, high-solids, low-VOC polyurethane adhesive that is 3 times stronger than conventional adhesives. Its technologically advanced formula produces a permanent overnight bond to almost any substrate. Use it in all climates.

  • VOC compliant
  • Low odor
  • Strong and versatile
  • High solids
  • Non-shrinking
  • High trenght
  • Fast curing
  • Log open time
  • Non-freezing
  • Broad service temperature range.
  • Benefits:
  • Enrivonmentally friendly
  • Replaces solvent-based adhesives, safe to use indoors or out
  • No odor complaints
  • Permanently bonds together almost anything
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Does not crack or lose bond
  • Provides permanent overnight bond
  • Offers flexibility in repositioning; user friendly
  • Can be applied to frozen, frost-free lumber
  • Suitable for use in hot and cold temperature.

  • Prod.# DescriptionPackaging
    BA 100 4976Premium Adhesive10.6 oz. cartridge
    BA 100 4978Premium Adhesive29.0 oz. cartridge
    Flextension Caulking Tube Tip
    WBF TIRFlextension
  • Bends up to 180 degrees.
  • Atttaches to all caulking tubes.
  • Easy to remove and reuse.

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