Concrete Additives:


  Calcium Chloride

  Intrusion Aid

  Rheomac SF 100

  Slick-Pak II

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Anti-Hydro® Concrete Waterproofing is a combination of organic and inorganic chemicals that react with Portland cement to producte more complete hydration. It is used to waterproof concrete and cement mixtures and to increase workability, stength, hardness and durability. Water requirements to produce equivalent slumps, bleed water and shrinkage are reduced. Anti-Hydro® increases the early and ulitmate strength of concrete.

For cold weather work, be sure that sand and aggregate are free of ice. To protect Portland cement mortars against freezing, use the following proportions for anticipated outside air temperatures:

    32 °F to 25 °F - 1 part Anti-Hydro® with 12 parts water
    25 °F to 15 °F - 1 part Anti-Hydro® with 10 parts water
    15 °F or less - Mechanical heat is necessary.
Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
SPECIAL ORDER ONLYAnti-Hydro®1 gal1-1/2 gal per one cu yd
of concrete

    Calcium Chloride

Chemical formula CaCl2 high test pellet typically 94% to 96% by weight calcium chloride. Typical applications are for cure accelerating in cold weather, dust control and road bed stabilization. For concrete acceleration, use 3.75 ounces per 100 weight of cement.

Calcium Chloride is not recommended for colored concrete.

Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
UV 500 767Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Mini Pellets80 lbs  
UV 5Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Mini Pellets5 lbs  

    Intrusion Aid

Intrusion Aid mets U.S. Corps of Engineers specification for grout fluidifier CRD-C 619 and ASTM Standard Specifications for Grout Fluidifier for Pre-places Aggregate Concrete C 937.

  • Eliminates setting shrinkage
  • Reduces water requirements
  • Increases strength
  • Reduces bleeding and segregation
  • Promotes flowability.
Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
MB INTRUSIntrusion Aid2 lb-10 oz bag
(24 case)

    Rheomac® SF 100

Rheomac® SF 100, a dry, densified silica fume mineral admixture, is formulated to produce extremely strong, durable concrete or mortar possessing special performance qualities. It maximizes concrete service life by providing superior resistance to attack from damaging environmental forces. Rheomac® SF 100 silica fume meets ASTM-C 1240 Standard Specification for Silica Fume for Use in Hydraulic-Cement Concrete and Mortar.

Benefits: Features:
  • Increased concrete service life
  • Improved strength
  • Increased modulus of elasticity
  • Reduced permeability thereby increasing durability
  • Increased resistance to sulfate attack
  • Increased resistance to alkali-silica reactivity.
  • Added cohesiveness
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Enhanced performance
Recommended for use in:
  • Steel-reinforced concrete structures or wet shotcrete applications exposed to deicing or airborne salts
  • Parking structures, bridge decks, marine structures, mines and tunnels.
Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
BA 100 872Rheomac® SF 10025 lbs bag 

    Slick-Pak II

Slick-Pak II is a dry powdered concrete pumping aid, packaged in a patented, ready-to-use, water soluble bag. Slick-Pak II is uniquely formulated to provide the concrete pumper with a cost effective method for improving the pumpability of hard to pump and/or harsh concrete and grout mixes. Addtitionally, Slick-Pak II reduces line pressure, improves flow properties and increases the rate and range of pumpability.

Slick-Pak II does not contain calcium chloride, nitrates, nitrites, or other potentially corrosive materials and is compatible with all standard concrete admixtures. In addition, Slick-Pak II contains no bentonite, cementitious materials, soaps or air entraining agents.

Prod.# DescriptionPackaging Coverage
FP 97136Slick-Pak II8 oz bag
(60 bags per case)
Use one bag in 5-15 gal water to prime 100 ft of 5 in pump line.

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