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    1107 Advantage Grout

1107 Advantage Grout is a non-shrink, non-corrosive, non-metallic grout. It is formulated as a cement-based product with high quality raw materials. 1107 Advantage Grout offers pumpability, heat and thermal shock resistance, resists water and salt penetration and damage from freeze-thaw cycles, and provides controlled, net positive expansion.

1107 Advantage Grout is designed for interior and exterior grouting of precast concrete components, structural column base plates, pump and machinery bases, anchoring bolts, rebars, dowels, bearing pads, keyway joints and crane rails. It finds applications in paper mills, oil refinieries, food plants, chemical plants, sewage and water treatment plants, etc.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
DS 674351107 Advantage Grout50 lbs bag 

    Architectural Finish

Architectural Finish is a single-component, cement-based, polymer-modified material, specially formulated for rubbing, smoothing, resurfacings, repairing and restoring concrete surfaces. It is designed with additives for superior bonding characteristics for use on vertical or overhead applications.

Architectural Finish is designed to repair concrete surfaces that are new or existing. Trowel applied to eliminate concrete surface blemishes, rough areas, bug holes, form marks on poured walls, tilt-up and precast. Material dries a light gray color and can be troweled hard or sanded to provide a smooth finish. It develops a high strength that is compatible with concrete and is not sensitive to water after curing. Applications are on vertical surfaces, interior or exterior, and above or below grade.


  • Fine silica aggregate provides smooth surface
  • Easy to use: Just mix with water
  • Color blended to dry light gray
  • Can beatheredge up to 1/4" (0.64 cm) maximum
  • 30 minutes working time
  • Can be left exposed, not sensitive to moisture
  • Self-curing in 70oF (21oC), 50% relative humidity.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
DS 308236Architectural Finish50 lbs bag 

    Embeco 885 Grout

Embeco 885 Grout is a ready-to use, high precision, non-shrink, metallic-aggregate grout that hardens free of bleeding, settlement or drying shrinkage when mixed, placed and cured across a wide range of consistencies. It can be used from a fluid mix, flowable, plastic or damp-pack. Embeco 885 Grout is ideal for grouting machines or baseplates requiring optimum toughness and precision-bearing support, including machine bases subject to thermal movement.

Embeco 885 Grout meets the Corps of Engineers CRD-C 621 and ASTM C 1107.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
BA 5167 0854Embeco 885 Grout55 lbs bagapprox. 0.43 cu ft
(mixed with 10 lbs water)

    EUCO-Speed MP

EUCO-Speed MP is a rapid setting, very rapid hardening magnesium phosphate material for patching and repair of concrete and masonry surfaces. EUCO-Speed MP requires only the addition of water and can be installed with standard tools, equipment and procedures. It bonds tenaciously to properly prepared concrete and provides a durable patch that is resistant to freeze-thaw cycling and deicing salts. EUCO-Speed MP is primarily used for bridge decks, ramps, parking garages, pavements, floors, walls (formed), marine structures, joint repairs, etc.

EUCO-Speed MP meets the "very rapid hardening category" requirements of ASTMC-928, Standard Specifications for Packaged, Dry, Rapid-Hardening Cementitious Materials for Concrete Repair.

For temperatures above 85 oF, EUCO-Speed MP Hot Weather should be used. For large placements, use EUCO-Speed MP Hot Weather extended with pea gravel.

One unit of EUCO-Speed MP will cover approx. 10 square feet when placed at an average depth of 1/2". When one unit of materil is extended with 30 lbs of 3/8" pea gravel, the mixed material will cover 13.7 sq ft when placed at an average depth of 1/2". EUCO-Speed MP must be extended with up to 30 lbs of 3/8" pea gravel for areas deeper than 1".

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
ECO 83 B50EUCO-Speed MP50 lbs bagapprox. 0.42 cu ft
(mixed with 0.45 gal water)

    Masterflow® 928

Masterflow® 928 grout is a hydraulic cement-based mineral-aggregate grout with an extended working time. It is ideally suited for grouting machines or plates requiring precision load-bearing support. It can also be used for precast concrete, structural and nonstructural building members, crack repair in federally inspected meat and poultry areas; grouting anchor bolts and marine applications.

Masterflow® 928 can be placed from fluid to damp pack over a temperature range of 45 to 90° F (7 to 32° C). Masterflow® 928 grout meets the requirements of ASTM C 1107, Grades B and C, and the Army Corp of Engineers’ CRD C 621, Grades B and C, at a fluid consistency over a 30-minute working time.


  • Extended working time
  • Non-shrink
  • Sulfate resistant
  • Freeze-thaw resistant
  • Pumpable.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
BA 100 6713Masterflow® 92855 lbs bagapprox. 0.5 cu ft
(mixed with 1-1/4 gal water)

Typical Compressive Strengths
(ASTM C 109, ASTM C 942, Modified)
Volume Change
(ASTM C 1090)
Consistency Change Requirement per
ASTM C 1107
Plastic* Flowable** Fluid***
[psi] [MPa] [psi] [MPa] [psi] [MPa] [%] [%]
1 day 4,500 31 4,000 28 3,500 24 > 0 0.0 - 0.30
3 days 6,000 41 5,000 34 4,500 31 0.04 0.0 - 0.30
14 days 7,500 52 6,700 46 6,500 45 0.05 0.0 - 0.30
28 days 9,000 62 8,000 55 7,500 52 0.06 0.0 - 0.30
Setting Time (ASTM C 191) Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
(ASTM C 531)****
Plastic* Flowable** Fluid***
Initial Set 2:30 3:00 4:30 6.5 x 10-6 in/ in/oF
11.7 x 10-6 mm/ mm/oC
Final Set 4:00 5:00 6:30
Split Tensile & Tensile Strength
(ASTM C 496, ASTM C 190)****
Flexural Strength
(ASTM C 78)****
Modulus of Elasticity
(ASTM C 469, Modified)****
Split Tensile Tensile
[psi] [MPa] [psi] [MPa] [psi] [MPa] [%] [%]
3 days 575 4.0 490 3.4 1,000 6.9 2.82 x 106 1.94 x 104
7 days 630 4.3 500 3.4 1,050 7.2 3.02 x 106 2.08 x 104
28 days 675 4.7 500 3.4 1,150 7.9 3.24 x 106 2.23 x 104
100 x 125 % flow on flow table per ASTM C 230
125 x 145 % flow on flow table per ASTM C 230
25 to 30 seconds through flow cone per ASTM C 939
Test conducted at a fluid consistency
Test results are averages obtained under laboratory conditions.
Reasonable variations can be expected.


    Set® 45 Chemical Action Concrete

Set® 45 is a one component, magnesium phosphate concrete repair and anchoring material that sets in 15 minutes and takes rubber-tire traffic 45 minutes after placement.

This product bonds to both concrete and masonry and can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of highway and industrial repair jobs. Some of the many uses for Set® 45 include bridge deck and highway overlays, full depth structural repairs, commercial freezer room repairs, parking deck and ramp repairs.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
BA 100 6748Set® 4550 lbs bagapprox. 0.39 cu ft

    SnaPlug® Bonder

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SnaPlugs are used to fill the cone holes created by tie cones. It is installed three to four times faster than conventional grouting, with less mess and waste. SnaPlugs eliminate the surface blemishes caused by grout-type patching.

SnaPlugs are colored gray and provide a positive, tested water seal. No water leakage or seepage is experienced when tie-holes are sealed and waterproofed with SnaPlug®.

Do not apply when temperatures are below 40 oF or expected to drop below 40 oF within 24 hours after applying. Store in a cool, dry location.


Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
DS 304121SnaPlug® Flush Plug  
DS 303004SnaPlug® Bonder1 pint bottleinstalls approx. 500 SnaPlugs

    Sure-Grip High Performance Grout

Sure-Grip High Performance Grout is a ready-to-use, non-shrink, non-corrosive, non-metallic grout, formulated and produced with the highest quality raw materials available. It is a cement-based grout designed to deliver a high rate of flow with excellent density (for dynamic loads) and a high compressive strength quickly - 5000 psi in one day - and at 28 days, up to 10,000 psi!

Sure-Grip's early strength means an earlier project completion time and less downtime for machines. It is designed to provide and effective load-bearing surface through non-shrink properties. It contains no chlorides or other components that cause corrosion, or bleeding. It is also resistant to heat and thermal shock and is pourable/ pumpable.

Sure-Grip High Performance Grout is an ideal product for interior or exterior grouting of architectural and structural precast concrete components, structural column base plates, machinery bases, anchoring bolts, cable anchorages, dowels, bearing pads, keyway joints, crane rails, etc.

Sure-Grip is used in power plants, steel mills, paper mills, oil refineries, food plants, sewage and water treatment plants or anywhere a high-quality engineered grout is required.

Prod.# Description Packaging Coverage
DS 67440Sure Grip High Performance Grout50 lbs bag 

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