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    Mortar Colors

Interstar Mortar Colors are pure iron oxide mineral pigments designed to be used with all cementitious materials, including Type N, S, M or O strength masonry cement or Portland cement and lime mixtures. The pre-measured units of Interstar Mortar Colors provide uniform color control with the flexibility of utilizing local masonry and/or Portland and lime cements to achieve the proper strength and mix design for brick, block stone unit construction. Interstar Mortar Colors are certified ASTM C979 for integral coloring.

Interstar Mortar Colors turn an ordinary project into something extraordinary. Use Interstar Mortar Colors to enhance the beauty of brick, block and stone by using a contrasting mortar color or a complimentary mortar color between masonry units and joints.


    • Easy dispersing
    • Maximum coloring power
    • Permanent
    • Inert
    • Stable to atmospheric conditions
    • Sun fast
    • Lime proof
    • Free of deleterious fillers and extenders.

Color Samples:
Mixed with 1/2 bag        1 bag                     2 bags                     3 bags

Light Ocher

Dark Ocher




Because of the use of natural products, color tones may vary. Color chart examples and percentage recommendations may not match final color of finished product.

Product Information
Product Instructions
MSDS - Buff, Tan, Brown, Black, Red, Yellow
MSDS - Black, Mahogany
MSDS - Green
MSDS - White

Prod.# DescriptionPackaging
IPCM 332Mortar Color - Light Ocher1.67 lbs
IPCM 334Mortar Color - Dark Ocher2.5 lbs
IPCM 339Mortar Color - Beige2.5 lbs
IPD 1356Mortar Color - Raven Black2.0 lbs
IPCM 424Mortar Color - Chestnut2.5 lbs
IPCM 272Mortar Color - Berry2.5 lbs
IPCM 005Mortar Color - Ebony1.5 lbs

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