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Waterproofing Product Line

The leader in the specialty field of ground water control, De Neef offers a broad line of chemical grouts, epoxies and waterstops.

De Neef produces more water activated polyurethane grouts than any other manufacturer in the world. De Neef's products have become industry benchmarks of quality and innovation.

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    PVC Waterstop

Greenstreak PVC Waterstops are the benchmark for the industry and exceed standard specifications. The versatility of PVC has made these waterstops popular with specifiers and engineers. Outstanding physical properties, excellent inherent elasticity and resistance to many waterborne chemicals has made it the most widely specified waterstop material.
Splicing Iron
Typical Applications For PVC Waterstops include:

  • Water and waste water treatment facilities
  • Dams, lock, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts
  • Tunnels and culverts
  • Foundations
  • Primary and secondary containment structures

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GS 701
Ribbed with Centerbulb - Tapered
GS 748
Application: Moving Non-Moving
Weight: 0.4 lbs/ ft 1.51 lbs/ ft
Width: 4" 6"
Thickness: 3/16" 3/8"
BulbID: 3/16"  
BulbOD: 3/8" 3/4" (End BulbOD)
Head Pressure: 65 ft 125 ft

Prod.# Description Size
GS 701 Ribbed with Centerbulb/ Tapered4" x 3/16"
GS 748 Dumbbell6" x 3/8"
GS 214 Splicing Iron 
GS 214 RNT Splicing IronRent/ Day

    Volclay Waterstop RX®

Volclay Waterstop RX® is a flexible strip concrete construction joint sealant that provides a permanent watertight seal by expanding upon contract with water. Waterstop RX® is an active Bentonite/ Butyl rubber-based waterstop that is designed to replace conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstops, thus eliminating the requirement of split-forming and product seam welding.

Applications include both vertical and horizontal concrete construction joints, new to existing construction, irregular surfaces, and around through-wall penetrations, such as plumbing and electrical conduit.

is designed for both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions. However, Waterstop RX® is not designed, nor intended to function as an expansion joint sealant. Waterstop RX® is manufactured in lightweight, flexible coils that can be installed in both hot and cold weather. The product is adhered to concrete, steel, and PVC (pipes) with Volclay WB-adhesive at or exceeding the required minimum distance from the exterior concrete surface.

Coil ends are butted together (not overlapped) to form a continuous waterstop. In most applications, Waterstop RX® is installed to the interior side of the outer row of steel reinforcement to allow for sufficient concrete coverage.

Waterstop RX® should only be used in applications where the product is completely encapsulated within the concrete.

Prod.# Shape Hydration Type Size Type Packaging Weight
CTRX 101 TrapazoidalStandard1" x 3/4" x 16'-9" 16 lf/ coil 9 lbs
CTRX A WB- Adhesive  1 gal  

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